!!! Important: Please declare the names and dates of birth of ALL ticketholders in the "Note-Field (during ordering tickets) - Anmerkung" (In case you buy tickets for more than 1 person). The tickets are personalised and we certificate them on the ticketholders name !!!

Please declare your ticketnumber when ordering autograph- or photo-tickets, so that we are able to allocate the tickets better. 


We refer to our terms and conditions, which you can find here: AGB. With purchase of tickets you explicit accept our terms and conditions.


Paying in installments (1 Installment each month and a total of 2 installments - we'll split the total amount of payment into 2 installments) is possible from an invoice amount of 300,- Euro. If you want to pay in installments, please write "Paying in Installments" into the note field "Anmerkungsfeld". You need to choose the payment option "VORKASSE" which is paying via bank transfer to be able to use the installment option. 

Due to more work for us there is a fee of 15 Euro to pay with your last installment.


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