FAQ: Ticket-Shop

How do I order a Ticket?

You can order Tickets ONLY in our Ticket-Shop. Please choose your Ticket and click "In den Warenkorb". During the ordering process you will need to fill in a Form (Name, Address etc.). Please make sure to write the Names and Dates of Birth of ALL Ticketholders in "ANMERKUNG". This is important, as the Tickets are personalised (this means your Name(s) are registered at the Tickets and only the Person who is registered at the Ticket will get the permission to enter the Convention. Therefor we are going to compare the Name at the Ticket with the Name in your Photo-ID) and we need your Name(s) to personalise them.


How old do I have to be to order Tickets?

In general you have to be 18 to be able to order Tickets and to get admission to the Convention. If you are younger than 18, you need to bring a permission of your Parent or legal Guardian to the Convention together with a Copy of your Parent or legal Guardian's Photo-ID. Are you under 14 a Parent or legal Guardian needs to come with you to the Convention.


When will I get my Ticket?

After your Order you will get a Confirmation Mail. Within 24 Hours after that you will get another E-Mail with your Invoice. The Invoice contains all Information of your Order and our Bank Account Number and Information (Invoice Number) you will need to transfer the Amount of Payment. Please read the Confirmation and Invoice carefully! You will have 3 Days to transfer the Amount of Payment to us. Please make sure to write the Invoice Number in the Reason for transfer!!! Also if you order Autograph- or Photo-Tickets!!! If we don't get your payment within 14 days, we'll delete your order. If we get your Payment within 14 Days, you will receive another email: Your E-Ticket! 


What if I didn’t get a Confirmation email of the Order I have placed?

Please contact us, if you didn’t get a Confirmation email. We’ll find the Problem and help you to solve it.


Is it possible to order a Ticket by Telephone?

No, it’s only possible to order Tickets via our Ticket-Shop.


Can I get a Refund if I decide not to attend the Convention?

No, sorry. Refunds are only applicable if the Event itself is cancelled. But you have the chance to sell your Ticket to a third party. In this case we can transfer the Ticket to another Ticketholder.


Can I re-sell my Ticket to another Person if I don't want to attend the Convention anymore?

Yes and no… No, because the commercial and profit motivated sale is forbidden. However, if you can't make it to the Convention you have the chance to sell your Ticket to a third party (private sale). As the Tickets are personalised we need to transfer the Tickets to the new Owner, because only the Owner of the Ticket who's Name is registered at the Ticket, gets permission to the Convention. To transfer the Ticket, you need to send us a mail with the Name, Address, E-Mail Address and Date of Birth of the new Ticketholder. For each transfer a fee of 15 Euro will be charged.


Please wire transfer the 15 Euro to:


Commerzbank Brühl Rheinl
Kto. Inh.: Marianne Esser
Kto. Nr.: 0283763100
BLZ: 37040044

IBAN: DE53 3704 0044 0283 7631 00

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